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This is the story all about the life how our dogs love Shows.  The list of shows with results

available are displayed below.

Dog Show

Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                         Blekingemästaren (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                           Rostock (DE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                             Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                            Bremen (DE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                           Bremen (DE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                   Neumünster (DE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                     Älmhult BK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                         Labrador Småland (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                          Blekingemästaren (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                         Blekingemästaren (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                                SBHK (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                                Sjöbo (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                            Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti      Rönne , Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti      Rönne , Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                    Sydskanska (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                             Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                         Stockholm STOKK (SE)  Cameron                      Cameron                                                Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                             Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti       Rönne , Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Tessi Kalkasi Mamiroufs                     Rönne , Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti       Rönne , Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Tessi Kalkasi Mamiroufs Born Free   Rönne, Dansk Kennel Klubb (DK) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                       Tollarps BK (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                               Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                                     Almhults BK (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                               Nordskånska KK (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti                              Nordskånska KK (SE) Helene Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti      Schäferklubben Sturupp Inoff. (SE) Hugues Mamiroufs du Pyrdanti     Schäferklubben Sturupp Inoff. (SE) Tessi Kalkasi Mamiroufs Born Free                                Blekinge KK (SE) Hugues Mamirouf´s  du Pyrdanti                                   Blekinge KK (SE)  Hugues Mamirouf´s  du Pyrdanti                                   Blekinge KK (SE) Tessi Kalkasi Mamiroufs Born Free                     Bornholm DKK int. (SE)


23 October 2016                    BOB 2 October 2016                 CAC, Club CAC, CACIB, BOB, Rostock Sieger 24 September 2016                                                                    BOB & BIG4 31 July 2016                                                    CAC, Club CAC, CACIB. BOB 30 July 2016                                                             CAC, Club CAC, CACIB 4 Juny 2016                                                               CAC, Club CAC & BOB 5 May 2016                                                                                    BOB, BIG-1 24 April 2016                                                                                 BOB, BIG-2 18 October 2015                                                                                      BOS                             18 October 2015                                                                           BOB-BIG4 18 September 2015                                                                                VG2     2 August 2015                                                                             BOB & BIG4    27 September 2016                                                                   BOB & BIG-1 17 August 2014                                          Exc1, CK, BM1, CACIB and BOB 16 August 2014                                          Exc1, CK, BM1, CACIB and BOB 6 July 2014                                                  Exc1, CK, BM1, ,BOB and BIG-1 17 May 2014                                                                                  Excellent 1 20 April 2014                                             Exc1, CK, BM1, CACIB and BOB 19 October 2013                       BOB Puppy/BIRR Valp. Best in Show -4 29 September 2013                                                             2e Male Puppy  28 September 2013                                                                               BOB  18 August 2013                                          Exc1, CK, BM1, CACIB and BOB 18 August 2013                                                     Exc1, CK, BOS1, R CACIB 17 August 2013                                             Exc1, CK, BM1, CAC and BOB 17 August 2013                                                            Exc1, CK, BOS1, CAC 15 Juny 2013                                                                                    BIR/BOB  19 May  2013                                                                                             VG1  9 May 2013                                                         Exc1, CK, BM1, BOB, BIG-2 3 March 2013                                                           1Excellent BOS & BOB   3 March 2013                                                                 2Excellent 2e Male   2 March 2013                BOS, BOB and BIG-1 and best in show reserve. 2 March 2013                                                                                  Excellent. 21 October 2012                                                  CHK1, HP. BOS and BOB  21 October 2012                                                        BOS and BOB Puppy  21 October 2012                                                                         BOS Puppy  1 July 2012                                    2 excellent , champion class R. CACIB


25 humberton drive, Cunberton, Hertfordshire, HP2 6EA 0845 11223344 0798 12221121


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